Gas Inspection and Maintenance for Companies in Sonora and Sinaloa

Gas Inspections

Wyetree MX is based in Hermosillo and provides gas inspection and maintenance for companies in Sonora and Sinaloa.

Owners or users of internal gas installations are required to carry out inspections every year for industrial users or every second year for commercial users to avoid Government penalties or having their insurance invalidated.


We are a local company with a team of experienced engineers and our regional presence enables us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Our Inspection Units are accredited by EMA, A.C. and we apply NOM-002-SECRE-2010; NOM-004-SEDG-2004.

We are characterized by our highly experienced personnel providing compliance opinions as an essential part of our services.

  • Avoid penalties or invalidated insurance

  • Increased safety and prevent serious events

  • Improve the terms of your insurance policy

  • Local company servicing companies in Sonora and Sinaloa

  • Providing services quickly and efficiently

  • Ensure your company complies with Mexican Regulation


Our crews can deliver appropriate, cost- effective technical solutions to mitigate risk, even in extreme environments.


Providing services for gas utilities, energy and midstream organizations