Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas
Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is one of the most flexible approaches to store and distribute renewable energy. RNG is natural gas derived from non-fossil energy sources such as Solar-to-Fuel and Biogas. It is a clean and low carbon alternative to conventional natural gas that can be transported and distributed using the existing gas grid infrastructure.

RNG is considered very flexible as it can be stored and distributed together with conventional natural gas without constraint, as long as it meets the minimum specifications of the pipeline. The gas can be used as a direct replacement for fossil natural gas in gas networks, or as seasonal energy storage, and can leverage existing natural gas infrastructure, allowing vehicles, residences, and other to indirectly use renewable energy for fuel and heat. Once in the grid, the renewable natural gas can be stored or transmitted over long distances using existing pipelines.

The amount of RNG blended with the existing natural gas can be gradually increased as RNG becomes more cost-effective. Fossil fuel systems have been optimized over hundreds of years and are dispatchable, easy to store and have high energy density. RNG is the renewable energy carrier that comes closest to replicate the convenience-factors of fossil fuels.

Cleaner Natural Gas

Wyetree is an international trader and supplier of natural gas and a developer of clean energy technology.

Our Mission

We develop and provide solutions for cleaner energy that are both cost-effective and have a high impact on reducing emissions.

  • Cleaner low-priced natural gas
  • LNG production closer to our customers
  • Renewable natural gas (RNG) production
  • Blending RNG with natural gas and LNG